Bon appetitt


Pub Grub and Starters

Truffle Buttered Popcorn $5
Cajun Shrimp Cocktail $9
Bumbershoots $7
Celtic Dragon Eggs $8
Fried Okra Remoulade $8
Chicken Wings $10
Carolina BBQ Quesadillas $9
Loaded Cheddar Fries $8
Crisps and Dip $5
Basket of Fresh Baker's Select Bread $3.5

Soups and Salads

Shenanigan Salad $14

Seasonal garden greens, cranberries, tomatoes, cucumbers, pickled onions and croutons

Sharp cheddar, swiss, shredded parmesan OR blue cheese crumbles

Steak, chicken OR salmon....grilled, blackened OR friend (chicken only)

Home-made Salad Dressings: Green goddess ranch, buttermilk bleu cheese, honey lime, red-eye vinaigrette, 1000 island, oil/vinegar

Beer Cheese Soup Cup $3 / Bowl $5
French Onion Soup Bowl $5
Soup Du Jour Cup $2.5 / Bowl $4

Classic Pub Fare

Deluxe Shepherd's Pie $15
Traditional Corned Beef $16
Irish Stew $18
Bangers and Mash $12
Belfast Fish and Chips $15

Celtic Inspirations

Irish Whiskey Steak $21
Guinness Pork Chop $16
Honey Mead Chicken $16
Gaelic Salmon $18
Blue Ridge Trout $17
Low-Country Shrimp and Grits $18
Woodland Chicken Pasta $16
Chicken and Chips $12
Shrimp and Chips $18

Sandwich and Burger Platters

Served with fries and curried cole slaw.

McGee's Tavern Burger $12
Voodoo Burger $12
Palmetto Piment O'Cheese Burger $12
The Reuben $12


Home-made Bailey's n Coffee Cheesecake $12
Mountain Apple Fruit Crumble $12
Foothills Fudge Cake with Ice Cream $12
Bonnie Creme Brule $12

Seasonal desserts of the day available often.